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Hi people! it's so long since my last post! =P
Miss me eh?

Oh well, i started working today 13/04/10
It's an office job doing admin and calling haha. .
An easy job but alot to learn for their operation side.

They paying me $1200 buck per month just doing admin and pick up call..
hmmmmmm. . easy money? =P

Anyway i really thank God for the past few weeks!
It's great and i really enjoyed myself! =)

P.S. I love you baby!

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Have been thinking alot nowaday..
Now i'm graduated, whats next?

Send resume for part time job,
Doing workout to cut down weight,
Waiting for enlistment..

I'm so bored. .
nothing much for me to do. .
I miss school..

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Alright i'm feeling super screwed up now,
Suppose to let Amber see the Thanksgiving video i've done but fall asleep unknowingly on the sofa while uploading it to youtube.

ARGH!! She waited and waited for me and i failed to turn up, )):
This is real bad. .

What kind of responsiblity is this?
Felt so down right irresponsible now..

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Great. . both of us are so busy nowaday,
With school work and church stuff of course..

Images of you keep flashing through my mind even though i'm really busy,
Miss you alot you know?
HAHA! =)

Oh well~ last time i used to tease my friend,
Now it really do apply to me. .

Haha! i can't believe it when my friend said the same thing back to me . .
I'm like duhhhhhhh. . .

Ok! enough of ranting!
Off to do video for Thankgiving! =)
Hehe. . .

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This is my favorite picture from the Sentosa outing i had,
It look so lovely with,

Miao Yu, Me and Jia Qi

Love you people! ;)

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